Josh Duhamel reveals gruelling preparation for Transformers: The Last Knight

ICONINSIDER — Josh Duhamel trained with the Navy SEALS in preparation for ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’.
The 44-year-old actor has reprised his role as Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox in the action film for the fourth time, and in preparation for the movie the dark-haired hunk underwent gruelling workout sessions with The United States Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land Teams “every day” at 6.30 am, which he refused to bail out of in fear he would look weak.
Speaking in an interview with Collider about his strict routine, he said: “This is my fourth time doing it, so I knew coming in I needed to be ready.
“So, I spent a lot of time [training].
“I worked with the Navy SEALS every day, every morning. Those guys go hard every day at 6.30am every morning, and I went with them and I stuck to it because I didn’t want them to think I was a pansy, so I went with them.”
And Duhamel – who has three-year-old son Axl with his wife Fergie – also signed up for yoga sessions to strengthen his back and knees, as he believes being 10 years older than he was when he made his first appearance in the franchise he is more susceptible to injuries.
He explained: “When I started it I was 34, now I’m 44, so I’m much more prone to injury than I was then. But I feel better now than I did then because I really worked on strength training, I worked on yoga – whether you believe it or not – just to stay flexible, keep my back in shape and my knees
“And it paid off because I got through it without any injury.”
Although Duhamel was physically ready for the film, the acting element proved harder to prepare for as the script regularly changed and it became more of a spontaneous creative process.
He explained: “It’s just as much about being physically ready as it is about preparing, because preparing for the work as an actor on this is completely different to anything else. You get the script, and it’s sort of like a blue print of what it’s going to be, typically what’s on the page on the day they’re either going to shoot that or something completely different. And if you do shoot what’s on the page then you don’t say any pf the stuff that’s on the page, because he changes everything.
“It’s a great exercise for an actor, because you really have to come open and ready to go with whatever comes at you, you can’t have anything prepared, because everything I prepare will be out the window.
“It’s really an exercise in spontaneity.”

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