Joan Smalls is launching swimwear range for Smart and Sexy

ICONINSIDER — Joan Smalls is set to launch her debut swimwear range for Smart & Sexy next year.
The 28-year-old model has joined forces with the fashion house to launch her first ever beachwear and clothing range with the label, which will be available to buy in Walmart stores in the Spring of 2018.
However, this is not the first time the catwalk icon has teamed up with the company, as she is already the face of the brand and appears in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaigns.
Joan has revealed she decided to team up with the brand because she “loves” everything they stand for, as they for women of all body shapes and sizes, and their garments are sold at an “affordable” price.
Speaking about her latest venture to Business of Fashion Online, she said: “I fell in love with the brand and the fact that they cater to women of all sizes at affordable pricing.”
Joan has revealed her collection was a collaborative effort between her and the brand’s founder Ariela Balk, and the brunette beauty is “super excited” for the big unveil in 2018.
She explained: “When it comes to design, we agree in many aspects and we both are super excited about the collaboration.”
And Joan – who has graced the runway for the lingerie giant Victoria’s secret since 2011 – has been praised for having a “great eye” for fashion, and a good knowledge of what garments suit the female form.
Balk said: “She has a great eye for fashion. She understands that you have to make women of all shapes look beautiful. She also shares that philosophy that you don’t just make an item because it was on the runway and it’s the trend item of the moment.
“In some ways, our brand has been the best-kept secret.”

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