Jeremy McConnell falls off wagon

ICONINSIDER — Jeremy McConnell has reportedly fallen off the wagon again.
The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star was adamant he’d never to touch booze again for the sake of his six-month-old son Caben-Albi, whom he has with his on/off girlfriend Stephanie Davis, but it looks like that vow was short lived as he raised eyebrows on Wednesday (21.06.17) when he began hitting the bottle at the Studio 66 launch party in London.
A source told The Sun Online: “Jeremy was in high spirits when he arrived and started drinking. He didn’t seem to care who saw him and knocked back a lot of booze.
“He was pretty worse for wear by the end of the night.
“It’s sad really because most of the people around knew he was clean and had been trying to stay sober. But it seemed nothing would stop him having a few drinks.”
The 27-year-old hunk was reportedly then dragged away by his manager but he managed to make his way back into the venue an hour later and was then seen partying up a storm.
Another insider explained: “Jeremy’s publicist turned up at the event and removed him from the party. However, Jeremy came back less than an hour later and continued partying.”
The heavily-inked heartthrob’s wild night out comes just two weeks after he relapsed following a blazing row with the former ‘Hollyoaks’ actress at her home in Liverpool.
He said just days ago: “It was totally my fault and there are no excuses for what I did. I relapsed. When I pick up a drink or put up a tweet it’s self-sabotage, it’s self-harming.
“When I sense fear I tend to strike out instead of being able to deal with things.
“I’m very insecure. I’m scared of people leaving me. If I felt like Steph was going to leave me I would do something out of anger, like in the past. There’s no excuse, but a lot of my behaviour is irrational and I am working hard to change that.”
Jeremy spent six weeks in rehab earlier this year after he realised he was killing himself.

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