Gok Wan plans to marry a girlfriend if he doesn’t find the one

ICONINSIDER — Gok Wan is tempted to wed one of his girlfriends because he is desperate to get married.
The 42-year-old television personality has admitted he is eager to tie the knot at “some point” in his life, because he has always dreamed of his wedding day, and if he doesn’t find the man of his dreams he may result in asking one of his female pals for their hand in marriage just so he can enjoy a special day of his own.
Speaking about his marital plans to The Sun’s TV magazine, the fashion guru said: “I do intend to be married at some point in my life because I want the wedding. But whether I end up marrying one of my girlfriends – just to have the day – or whether it’s a love marriage, I have no idea.”
However, Gok has admitted he hasn’t had the best of experiences at weddings, as he insulted “the entire room” and vomited all over himself after giving the best man’s speech at his 44-year-old brother Kwoklyn’s ceremony.
He explained: “My brother’s wedding wasn’t my finest hour. I drank a bottle of Southern Comfort and got s***faced before I gave the best man’s speech. I managed to insult the entire room and then threw up all over myself. It was hideous.”
But Gok has revealed he is no good at being in a relationship, and although he is open to enjoying a romance if one was to come along he doesn’t “miss” having a boyfriend.
He continued: “I’m c**p at relationships. I’m definitely of the school of thinking: ‘If you’re not very good at something, then don’t f**king go near it.’ If relationships come along then they come along. And if they’re not there, I don’t tend to miss them too much.”
Although Gok has struggled to find love, he now boasts a strong relationship with his family, although he used to be a “terrible” child.
He said: “I’m really proud of my relationship with my family because it wasn’t always as easy. I was a terrible kid – quite troubled. I wasn’t great company for the family. So I grew into my relationship with them and worked hard at making it stable, successful and respectful.”

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