Fatboy Slim: ‘Performing helps me forget my troubles’

ICONINSIDER — Fatboy Slim says performing has helped him get over his marriage split.
The 53-year-old DJ and 46-year-old TV presenter Zoe Ball – who have children Woody, 16, and Nelly, six, together – broke up in September after 18 years together and he believes getting back on stage has been extremely therapeutic for him as he comes to term with the split.
The star – whose real name is Norman Cook – told The Sun: “Though I have always been the one conducting it, with some of the troubles I’ve had in the last year it has actually been quite cathartic for me to lose myself and to get a taste of my own medicine.
“For those two hours I am on stage all my worries and stresses and troubles in the world disappear and I am a 17-year-old who can do anything.”
And Norman, who has been sober since checking into a rehab facility in 2009 to so he could beat his alcohol addiction, also insisted that he doesn’t need substances to enjoy himself.
He explained: “I hate the term natural high. It just sounds so naff but I call it euphoric recall.
“I think there is enough nonsense going on in my head that as soon as I get out there and feel it – I definitely revert from being a 53-year-old father of two.
“I am not doing anything too naughty. But think the results of what I did when I was 17 are still in there – there’s some craziness.”
And Norman – who will play Glastonbury this weekend – defended his recent comments, where he said that the festival becomes more middle class every year.
He said: “I might have said that it has become more middle class because it has but I don’t think that’s a bad thing or good thing.
“I am middle class – who am I to judge? Do you know what I mean?”

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