Emma Bunton’s too disorganised to get married

ICONINSIDER — Emma Bunton hasn’t tied the knot with Jade Jones because they’re not “organised” enough.
The former Spice Girl – who has been dating Jade since 1998 – got engaged to her beau in 2011 and whilst they would both like to get married one day, their organisation skills are stopping their plans.
She told Extra TV: “He’s my soulmate, my confidant, it [getting married] is something I think we’d both like to do, but we’re just so unorganised.”
The 41-year-old singer – who shares Beau, nine, and Tate, six, with Jade – previously admitted there aren’t any plans for a wedding just yet.
She said: “There aren’t any plans for a wedding, but we do talk about it. I think because both of us are Aquarius we try and live for the moment, so don’t plan things too far ahead.
“Jade is incredible. We get on so well and we’re great friends. I think respecting each other is a big factor, along with making each other laugh. We also take time out to have dates – although not as often as we would like to.
“I’m so lucky to have found him. He has been a real support and is so positive, as sometimes I get nervous or worry about things. He’s a good man to have around.”
However, Emma hasn’t ruled out the possibility of walking down the aisle in the future.
She added: “That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Part of me really wants to organise something. I should get round to it. He already calls me his wife and I call him my husband.”
And the blonde star doesn’t even know what kind of wedding dress she’d like to tie the knot in.
She shared: “I haven’t even got a picture in my head of a wedding dress. You know some girls know what they want but I haven’t a clue. I think other people’s weddings are fun – It’s always nice to dress up.”

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