Dinah Jane is Normani Kordei’s ‘wing woman’

ICONINSIDER — Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane has become Normani Kordei’s “wing woman”.
The 20-year-old singer has revealed she is always on hand to help her 21-year-old band member, and fellow singer Ally Brooke, find love, while Lauren Jauregui is happy to hunt for a man on her own because she is “independent.”
Speaking about the romances in the band in an interview with Yahoo Australia, the vocalist said: “I have become Normani’s wing woman, sometimes Ally.”
And 23-year-old Ally has revealed she also needs help in the relationship department, which is why she relies on Dinah for assistance.
She added: “I need help.”
To which Lauren added: “I’m pretty independent.”
The 20-year-old brunette beauty has admitted she was in heaven on the group’s first trip to Australia because she was surrounded by “perfect” males.
Speaking about the best thing during her visit to the sunny climate, she said: “The men. I would be walking down the street, and it was ridiculous, every fr***ing dude I saw, I thought ‘You are all under six foot, you are all gorgeous.’ Their facial structures were perfect. It was really confusing.”
Although the ‘Work Form Home’ hitmaker’s help one another on their pursuit for a romance, the foursome also enjoy each other’s company and have forged such a strong relationship with one another that they consider one another as family.
Speaking about the relationship as a group, Dinah said: “We are literally like sisters, you know their ins and outs, you know if something is on their mind, that something’s bugging them, we know when something is going wrong, and that instinct you can feel instantly. And that’s just how much we know each other and we’re with one another 24/7, so the between each other is genuine and we truly do love each other.”
And Normani believes no one will ever come close to sharing the same strong bond they have with one another.
The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ competitor added: “We have been there for each other for some of the biggest moments of our lives, whether that be good or bad like a passing in the family, and we have had to be there for each other when we couldn’t necessarily physically be at home our family. So no one else can be there for us.”

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