David and Victoria Beckham set to watch Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury

ICONINSIDER — David and Victoria Beckham will be among the crowd for Ed Sheeran’s headline set at Glastonbury.
The flame-haired singer has revealed that the retired soccer star and the fashion designer will watch him in action at the world-famous festival, where Ed hopes to spend some time with the couple.
Ed – who is dating hockey star Cherry Seaborn – said: “Victoria and David are coming down. They got tickets separately.
“They were going anyway but I think I’ll see them at some point.
“Basically all of my tickets went to every single aunt and uncle, cousin, cousin’s wife, cousin’s husband, cousin’s kids and all of Cherry’s family and all of our school mates.”
Ed, 26, is a friend and a neighbour of the Beckhams.
Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he shared: “We live really, really near each other.
“We met in New York. I was with Cherry and we just went somewhere and made friends. They’re really cool. I like them.”
As well as starring at Glastonbury, Ed is currently working on making a movie.
The ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker intends to appear in the film and he would love to have Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren star alongside him.
Ed – who also plans to write the music for his movie – said: “I mean the movie is in the works but I don’t have any time to shoot it until 2019.
“Well, there have been talks about another leading role in it like a love interest.
“I would love someone unknown, but I have always loved Helen Mirren.
“Yeah, if like me and Helen could do a love scene – I guess that sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I’m not really a good actor and she’s a very good actress so I don’t think she’d want to do it.”

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