Craig Lawson branded ‘disgrace’ for leaving kids in favour of Love Island

ICONINSIDER — ‘Love Island’ newcomer Craig Lawson has been branded as a “disgrace” by his ex-fiancée for leaving his children behind to appear on the show.
The new group of hopefuls only entered the villa on Thursday (29.06.17) night’s episode of the ITV2 reality show, but Craig has already found himself the centre of unwanted drama as his former flame Sian Dilley slammed the hunk for failing to tell her or his brood that he would be taking part in the programme.
In a rage-filled Facebook post, Sian fumed: “As many of you have seen and messaged me about yes I am fully aware that the disgrace that calls himself my son’s father is going into ‘Love Island’.
“He is dead to me and he is dead to my son. He has not even had the decency to contact me regarding this and regarding arrangements for my son and up until last night I was under the impression that my son was going to spend the weekend with him like he does every other weekend.
“He is an absolute joke of a human being and I don’t want to hear one more word or one more message regarding him. What he does with his life will no longer affect my children or myself. May he fall flat on his face. I hope it was all worth it.”
Sian added in the comments of her post that although he only has one son with her, the hunk has three children in total who were all expecting to spend time with their father over the weekend.
She added: “He’s left 3 children behind – all who were excited at the thought of spending time with their daddy this weekend and he didn’t even have the decency to tell them what he was doing and that he won’t be seeing them. Absolute disgrace.”
The explosive comments come after the 27-year-old personal trainer admitted he was taking part in the show in order to meet someone he could introduce to his brood.
He said before entering the villa: “I’m doing this to find someone I can introduce to my kids. I’m looking for the real deal.”

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