Charlee Fraser is desperate to launch her own beauty brand

ICONINSIDER — Charlee Fraser is desperate to launch her own beauty brand.
The Australian model has admitted she would love to branch out into the cosmetics business and get involved in other “business opportunities” within the field because she wants to forge a longstanding career in the industry for herself instead of being known solely as a model.
Speaking about her future ambitions to Net-A-Porter’s The Edit, the brunette beauty said: “I’d like to start my own beauty brand. I was studying beauty and business when I was scouted. I love modelling but I don’t want to just do it while I’m young then quit; I’d like to create business opportunities around it.”
And the catwalk icon believes her education would benefit her if she was to go ahead and set up her own company, because her knowledge of beauty has helped her with her career thus far.
She explained: “My beauty studies help my career. I know how my hair, skin and nails grow, the vitamins that enrich them, how they can be damaged, and what I need to do to keep it all healthy.”
But for the mean time Charlee is happy fronting various campaigns, which has seen her appear in commercials for luxury labels including Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani, as she believes she is a natural model and was always destined to be in front of the camera.
She said: “Modelling feels natural to me. When I was doing my first polaroids, my agent explained
what I had to do and that’s all she ever had to say to me. I’ve never picked up anything so quickly. I
feel like I’m meant to be here.”
Meanwhile, Charlee has revealed the biggest “leap” she has ever had to take was last year when she was asked to cut her hair to bag a job as an exclusive model for Alexander Wang, and although she was apprehensive about the drastic make-over she is having “fun” with a short crop.
She explained: “I took a big leap cutting my hair. Last year I was doing castings for my first season and Alexander Wang said they wanted to book me as an exclusive but they really wanted to cut my hair. It took a few days to get used to, but having short hair is fun so I’m going to run with it for a while.”

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