Chanelle McCleary missing home

ICONINSIDER — ‘Big Brother’s Chanelle McCleary is missing home.
The former ‘Ex On The Beach’ star stepped into the diary room during Tuesday night’s (27.06.17) show to confess she is missing her home comforts.
Speaking to Big Brother, she said: “I’m such a tough cookie, so I’m trying not to let anyone see I’m upset, I’m just missing home loads. This is the longest time I’ve been away, I would love to have a hug off my nana or my boyfriend or my bunny rabbits.”
And Tom Barber is equally missing the people on the outside.
He told Big Brother: “I had a down moment, I’ve got a girlfriend I’ve been with her for five months, I just want to make sure everything’s good, I’m worried about how she’s doing.”
During the show, Isabelle Warburton also confessed to her fellow housemate Kieran Lee that she wants to find love.
She revealed: “I want a boyfriend, I feel like I can find one in Marbella … easy! More chance in Marbella than in Ibiza. I just don’t trust boys anymore.
“I just want a temporary boyfriend … I get asked a lot to be an escort, I wouldn’t, it makes me cringe … Fit tanned boys! I want a holiday romance, at the end you can be like ‘bye’!”
Meanwhile, the house descended into chaos when Savannah, Charlotte and Ellie spotted an intruder in the famous abode – a large moth – which they later called Red Dragon.
The girls shrieked as Kieran played the hero, catching it and releasing it into the garden.
Elsewhere in the show, the housemates were thrown a glitter party in the garden where they covered themselves in the sparkling sequins and enjoyed the positive atmosphere.

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