Brooklyn Beckham determined to prove himself

ICONINSIDER — Brooklyn Beckham is determined to prove himself as a photographer with his upcoming book ‘What I See’ and show the world he doesn’t want to just trade off his famous dad’s name.
The budding 18-year-old photographer will unveil his tome, a collection of 300 images he has shot in the world, on Thursday (29.06.17) and he is well aware that his work will be severely scrutinised because his parents are David and Victoria Beckham.
Although he readily accepts that he is “lucky” to have had a privileged upbringing and has already been afforded opportunities that most teenagers can only dream of, Brooklyn is determined to make his own name in his chosen profession.
Speaking to Yahoo Celeb UK, he said: “I know there are a lot of preconceptions about me associated with my name, and that’s understandable. I’m a bit nervous but I think anyone would be. I hope with this book and with the photographs I’ve been taking over the past few years people will see that I really do genuinely love it. The title says it all – it really is a snapshot into what I see.”
Brooklyn’s interest in photography became serious just a few years ago and after his dad David, 42, bought him a camera he began to learn about the whole process.
He added: “When I moved back to London I was looking at my GCSE options and photography really stood out. My dad had bought me a camera and I started using it and realised how much I love the whole process – from taking the pictures to editing and developing – and I just started taking photos the whole time. I have just been really unbelievably lucky to have been given this opportunity to publish a book and have an exhibition [at Christies, Mayfair]. I didn’t go seeking it and so now I plan to carry on with my studies and work experience. I am going to study photography in New York and I have been doing intern work for some of the most inspiring fashion photographers.”
Brooklyn’s brothers Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 12, have also both benefited from ‘Brand Beckham’, with the teenager modelling for Burberry, whilst Cruz has already released a pop single. The boys’ sister Harper, five, has seen her mother Victoria, 43, trademark her name in the UK and Europe.
Brooklyn, who is going to university in September to study a course in photography, is hosting a book signing at a top secret location in Manchester this week to launch ‘What I See’.

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