Big Brother contestants given firm talking to

ICONINSIDER — The ‘Big Brother’ contestants were given a firm talking to after the bust up in the house on Sunday night (25.06.17).
The housemates were gathered in the living area where they were told many of them had behaved “unacceptably”.
Big Brother said: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, Big Brother needs to speak to you all about what happened last night. The behaviour of several housemates was unacceptable. Many housemates failed to listen to Big Brother when Big Brother gave clear instructions.
“It is crucial that housemates listen to Big Brother, especially in heated situations. In those events, there is no question that Big Brother’s only concern is to diffuse the situation and protect housemates. Big Brother must be able to separate housemates over the tannoy and ensure their safety.
“There were other incidents of unacceptable behaviour. More than one housemate threw objects, more than one housemate squared up to another housemate or housemates. You are all aware that provocation is not a complete excuse in these situations. You must all control your own behaviour.”
Big Brother also announced Lotan had left the house and confirmed all the housemates would be up for eviction this week.
Big Brother added: “As a result of his words and actions in the house and in the diary room over the last few days, Lotan will not be returning to the house. Big Brother will also speak to certain other housemates individually about their behaviour. As a result of Lotan’s departure and as a result of the actions of several housemates last night, this week’s nominations are now void.
“Instead, all housemates will face the public vote to evict this week. Big Brother urges all housemates to show each other respect and tolerance. Housemates are now free to leave the living area.”

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