Bella Hadid has acting ambition

ICONINSIDER — Bella Hadid wants to act to prove she isn’t “super cold”.
The 20-year-old model would love to change careers in order to show who she really is, but admits she might have a problem because she suffers from Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) and can have problems with concentration.
She said: “People think that I don’t smile and I’m super cold.
“With acting you can show more of who you are. I would have to get a hold of my ADD, but otherwise I think it would be fun.”
Bella has battled debilitating Lyme Disease for five years and admits it affects her energy levels and leaves her feeling too much like a “grandma” to go out partying.
She told the August issue of InStyle magazine: “When I was 16, 17, I went out and did that whole thing.
“At the time I didn’t know about Lyme or what I was really diagnosed with. I thought going out and being with my friends would make me feel better, but it didn’t.
“Now I feel like a grandma. I’ll go out occasionally, but I’d rather go to work and have 100 percent energy, because I barely have enough to get through the day as it is.”
Bella has been single since splitting from The Weeknd last year but she insists she’s put her heartbreak behind her and is in a good place right now.
She said: “When you’re happy, you want to eat and experience and enjoy life. I’m there! And I’m eating, and I’m living! And I’ve gained a couple pounds, but I’m good!”
One of Bella’s closest friends is fellow model Kendall Jenner, but they became pals not through their respective careers, but via social media.
Bella explained: “I met her for the first time seven years ago over Twitter.
“That was before we started modeling; I was probably 14 or 15. We met up and had sushi, and now we’re best friends. She’s a pretty significant human I met online.”

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