Barry Gibb: ‘I don’t like being on stage alone’

ICONINSIDER — Barry Gibb hates performing without his brothers.
The last surviving member of the Bee Gees will perform in the Legends slot at Glastonbury festival this weekend but Barry admitted he wishes his siblings – Robin, who died in 2012 and Maurice, who passed away in 2003 – were still alive to play alongside him,
He told the Sunday Mirror: “I don’t like being on stage on my own. I miss my brothers. I get nerves being on stage on my own because it is so new to me.
“We would all lean on each other. I’d lean on Maurice and Robin and they would lean on me and somehow we’d get through every show.
“We knew how each other felt. I knew what their opinions were. We were three brothers and it was not a democracy.
“We were three brothers who had to agree. If one of them did not like something we did not do it.
“I feel as if they are there guiding me. I can’t say how. We were a group for 45 years. We were glued to each other.”
And Barry, 70, is also still coming to terms with the death of his mother Barbara last year at the age of 96.
He said: “We don’t know what comes afterwards but I suspect mum is now with Maurice and Robin and I think that is a wonderful.
“My mother said to me before she died, ‘I would love to do it all again’. And I said, ‘No mum. I don’t want to do it all again’.
“I don’t have regrets but there are always negatives in your past. But I have got to a point now where I don’t have any issues with anybody. I don’t dislike anybody.”

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