Ansel Elgort wants musical role

ICONINSIDER — Ansel Elgort wants to be in a musical.
The 23-year-old actor is also a keen musician and he wants to combine his talents into one production, and would even be open to writing and directing the project following his recent stint shooting Edgar Wright’s heist movie ‘Baby Driver’, in which the scenes were carefully set to music.
Asked if he’d appear in a musical, he said: “I already have an idea for a movie where I’d be able to sing in it. Especially after working with Edgar, I’d like to write and direct as well.”
The ‘Fault in Our Stars’ actor never worries about how much he’ll get paid on a movie, so long as he’s connected with the material.
Discussing his criteria when looking for a role, he told Variety: “For me it’s three things when I look at a project. It’s script, character, director. Nothing else matters — the money doesn’t matter or the budget.”
Ansel hates having down time and even during breaks from filming, he takes to his trailer to work on his music.
He said: “There are moments on the set for an actor that are unbelievably incredible and remind me why this has been my passion since I was a kid, but there are also moments where you sit in a trailer for two hours and wait. Music has become a thing that I can stay creative with.
“Some people go in their trailer and they work out or watch movies or read. I make music in my trailer.
“I need to stay creative all the time. The last three days I’ve been in L.A. doing interviews all day, but then I go into the music studio and from 7 to 3 a.m. I’m making music.
“Then I wake up at 7 a.m. and I’ll do interviews. I would rather have a lack of sleep than a lack of creativity.”

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