Alison Brie relies on husband to help her pick movie roles

ICONINSIDER — Alison Brie’s husband helps pick her roles.
The ‘How To Be Single’ star has revealed she relies on her husband Dave Franco’s “amazing taste” when it comes to picking what projects she should star in next.
She said: “He has amazing taste and is one of the most patient people I know. It’s nice to get to a place where you’re like, ‘I know my worth and what kind of projects I really want to do, and it’s worth fighting for the really good ones.’
“Because my instinct has always been much more of a frantic workaholic, where I’m like ‘I always want to be working! I’ll take any job!”
And the 34-year-old actress has confessed she is not immune to having a weird relationship with food “like most women in Hollywood”.
She added to the new issue of Marie Claire magazine: “It’s empowering, because it’s not about losing weight necessarily. I’ve not stepped on a scale, ever. I don’t own one. I’m mindful about what I’m eating, but I hate when people are like ‘My favorite food is pizza and cheeseburgers and I look amazing!’
“It’s just an interesting mindset, to think of food as fuel. I’ve had f***ed up food issues like most women in Hollywood; my whole life I’ve had a weird relationship with food. So it was nice to be like ‘I’m thinking about what I’m eating, but not in a psychotic way.'”
Meanwhile, Alison previously revealed she has had a “very empowering year”.
She explained: “Everything’s great! I think it’s a great time in my life. Not in, you know, our lives collectively, not necessarily globally, but being married.
“[Being married is] a similar to the experience of working on ‘Glow’, in that it’s been a very empowering year. I don’t know why those two things have kind of gone hand in hand for me, but they have. Wrestling and marriage, they’re both just like, ‘Yeah, I can take on anything!'”

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