Alexa Chung hails Kate Moss as the inventor of festival style

ICONINSIDER — Alexa Chung believes Kate Moss “invented” festival style.
The 33-year-old model has praised the 43-year-old model for inspiring festival goers on what to wear to music extravaganzas “single handedly”, although the blonde-haired beauty didn’t intentionally set out to do.
Speaking about the catwalk icon, the brunette style muse said: “Kate Moss single handedly invented festival style, which wasn’t even necessarily ‘festival style’ at the time, per se, it was just her actual style in the context of a festival and the world went crazy for it.
“I think people responded to her authenticity.”
Although Alexa has credited Kate for her flawless fashion sense, she believes it is “hard” for anyone to “truly plan” their outfits for a music event where the weather across those few days can be “hostile”.
She said: “I think the thing that makes Glastonbury special is the place itself, which although delightful, can often be a hostile environment weather wise. In that respect, it’s hard to truly plan an ‘outfit;’ instead you need to be ready for a multitude of weather fronts.”
And Alexa puts comfort above looking great, and will regularly opt for jeans, a “fun top” and wellington boots when she is standing in a field enjoying the artists belt out their hit tracks.
She explained: “Definitely comfort is the first thing I think about, which is why most years I wear the same jeans and wellies and then just finesse the looks with some fun top. But as I say, it’s a unique festival and it feels like at Glastonbury people are more interested in experiencing the music than what they look like.
“Even on a dry year you can guarantee there will be mud so it’s always always a Hunter boot for me to slosh through the puddles in comfort.”
And Alexa also has a minimal beauty regime during the bash, because she claims a “full face of make-up” is the “last thing” on her mind on the last day of the event.
She told “A hairbrush and some moisturiser. I think a full face of make-up is the last thing on your mind by the Sunday morning, so I take a mascara and some moisturizer and that’s about as far as my beauty kit extends.”

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