Zoe Kravitz doesn’t need ‘long hair and heels’ to feel feminine

ICONINSIDER — Zoe Kravitz doesn’t need “long hair and heels” to feel feminine.
The 28-year-old actress recently chopped off her long locks and opted for a blonde pixie crop because she felt her tresses were becoming her identity and she wanted to “challenge” that notion to feel her femininity in a “deeper way”.
Speaking to Stylist magazine about her decision to undergo the drastic makeover, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star said: “It wasn’t a statement – I needed a change. My hair was becoming my identity and I wanted to challenge that. I definitely think I was attaching my femininity to my hair. I was hiding behind it – and it was really important for me as a woman to feel my femininity in a deeper way, not needing long hair or heels to be in touch with it.
“[Womanhood] is not an aesthetic – that’s becoming so apparent with the consciousness about gender. We’ve attached these images to femininity and it’s amazing to let those go.”
And the Los Angeles star – who is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz – has revealed her wardrobe “looks different” because of her new hair do.
She said: “Right now my wardrobe looks different thanks to my haircut, so I’m having fun figuring it all out again.”
Zoe finds style inspiration from “images, films or music”, and is interested in fashion because she believes it is a form of expression, but she believes if there is no “intention” behind someone’s choice of attire it is “uninspired”.
She explained: “I allow myself to be inspired by images, films or music.
“Fashion is about expression and art; if it’s simply about the end result and how you look, it feels uninspired. There needs to be intention behind what you do – the story makes it interesting”.

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