Will Smith gets embroiled in Netflix debate

ICONINSIDER — Will Smith has clashed with Pedro Almodovar over Netflix.
The ‘Independence Day’ actor is currently one of the jurors at the Cannes Film Festival and during a press conference Smith became embroiled in a heated debate with the jury president and Spanish director after he claimed the introduction of the popular streaming site has increased tension in the film industry.
Speaking about his views on the entertainment business in a statement, which has been obtained by Variety, the 67-year-old filmmaker said: “I personally do not conceive, not only the Palme d’Or any other prize being given to a film and not being able to see this film on a big screen.
“All this doesn’t mean I’m not open to or don’t celebrate the new technologies. I do.
“I’ll be fighting for one thing that I’m afraid the new generation is not aware of. It’s the capacity of the hypnosis of the large screen for the viewer.
“The size of the screen should not be smaller than the chair on which you’re sitting. It should not be part of your everyday setting. You must feel small and humble in front of the image that’s here.”
However, the 48-year-old actor defended the company, which is set to be the distributor of his next movie ‘Bright’, and hailed Netflix as an “absolute benefit” and a “great connectivity” in the movie world.
The ‘Hitch’ star said: “My children go to the movies twice a week and they watch Netflix. There’s very little cross between going to the cinema and watching what they watch on Netflix in my home.
“In my house, Netflix has been nothing but an absolute benefit. They get to see films they absolutely wouldn’t have seen.
“Netflix brings a great connectivity. There are movies that are not on a screen within 8,000 miles of them. They get to find those artists.”

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