Sophie Ellis-Bextor is ‘scared’ of Botox

ICONINSIDER — Sophie Ellis-Bextor is “scared” of Botox.
The 38-year-old singer has revealed she would never undergo cosmetic surgery because she is fearful of what the outcome believe, but also because changing her appearance would “go down like a lead balloon” with her children Sonny, 13, Kit, eight, Ray, five, and 19-month-old Jesse who are “quite used” to her face.
Speaking about her appearance and if she would go under the knife or have any invasive procedures to Metro newspaper, the brunette beauty said: “No, I’m scared of that. I don’t judge people because everyone has their own way that they feel about themselves but certainly in my house that would go down like a lead balloon. Apart from anything else, I’ve got four kids who are quite used to my face.”
The ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ hitmaker – who is married to Richard Jones – has admitted she also wouldn’t change her aesthetic because she likes being able to move her face and “look cross” if she needs to and thinks if she couldn’t make certain expressions she would be at a “disadvantage”.
She added: “Plus, I like being able to look cross, it would be a disadvantage not to have that.”
Sophie – who is the daughter of actress Janet Ellis – has revealed she doesn’t wear tracksuit sets when she is relaxing at home, although she does get excited when she can change into her pyjamas after a long day.
Speaking about her leisurewear, she said: “What would you prefer to think of? I’m not really a sweatpant person, to be honest, but I am always very excited when I get to put my pyjamas on at night.”

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