Simon Cowell’s dog thinks she’s a boy

ICONINSIDER — Simon Cowell’s female dog is convinced she’s a boy.
The ‘X Factor’ boss has revealed his pet pooch Squiddly has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria – a condition in which a person experiences distress due to the mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity – following a trip to the vet.
Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, he said: “Squiddly has been diagnosed with gender dysmorphia which, apparently, is now a thing.(sic)”
The 57-year-old music mogul sought professional advice after he noticed his Yorkshire Terrier had started copying her brother Diddly by cocking her leg when she urinated and running up to other female dogs for a bonking session.
He explained: “The vet thinks perhaps she has picked-up behavioural habits from her brother, Diddly, meaning she now cocks her leg like a boy when she wees and has started humping the occasional dog.
“Unfortunately, for example, she took a real shine to Sinitta’s female puppy. There isn’t really anything that can be done, and obviously I still love her no matter what. Squiddly is a very happy little dog, albeit one who thinks she is a boy.”
Sinitta – who previously dated the entrepreneur – added: “I can vouch for this; Squiddly ignored my red toy poodle puppy Scarlet when they first met but started mounting her the second time. Simon said it was a sign of affection.”
Meanwhile, Simon – who has three-year-old son Eric with his partner Lauren Silverman – recently admitted he loves his pooches so much that he lets them bathe with him.
He said: “I love my dogs so much. I take them on holidays, I let them sleep in the bed and sometimes one gets in the bath with me. I love taking baths. My ideal day is probably being on holiday: getting up late, jet-skiing, swimming, afternoon tea, a nap, a bath, go out for dinner, get drunk – and start all over again!”

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