Sharon Stone not looking for love

ICONINSIDER — Sharon Stone isn’t looking for love.
The 59-year-old actress – who has previously been married twice and has three sons, adopted son Roan, 13, whom she has with her former husband Phil Bronstein, as well as Laird, 12, and Quinn, 10, from previous relationships – has said that searching for love doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to find it, and would rather let romance happen naturally.
She said: “I don’t think that looking [for love] is finding. I really feel that there’s a propinquity to a way that love comes into people’s lives. There’s a certain magic to it.”
And the ‘Basic Instinct’ star says she gets enough love from her children, but also says the young age of her sons makes it difficult for her to find a date as men don’t want to be the “baby daddy” for her brood.
She added to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I have so much love with my kids. I have three little kids, and that’s not particularly, in this town and environment, there’s not a lot of men that think, ‘Gee, I’d like to date her and be the baby daddy of three little kids.’ So, it kind of took me out of the dating sphere.
“I matured into understanding that, that’s how it was going to be. I am OK with that, because it’s much more interesting to me to have a real and true love, and a real and true relationship with my friends and family, than a pretend relationship with a man that doesn’t have what it takes to step up.”
However, Sharon’s comments contradict statements she made last year, in which she said she felt ready to hit the dating scene again now that her sons are getting older.
She said at the time when asked if there was someone special in her life: “I have boys, my kids, and they’re very special to me but in terms of dating, what has happened is my kids have reached the age where I’m comfortable to date.
“I didn’t want to date when they were little because who needs a bunch of guys running in and out of their lives?
“But now, I feel comfortable dating – I’m available for dating.”

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