Samia Longchambon wants Maria and David to get together on Corrie

ICONINSIDER — Samia Longchambon is campaigning behind the scenes of ‘Coronation Street’ for her character Maria Connor to get it on with David Platt.
The 34-year-old actress’ alter ego is consistently unlucky-in-love in her quest to find a man on the cobbles of Weatherfield and her latest romance, an affair with her friend Eva Price’s man Aidan Connor, is going to also end in disaster.
Samia thinks it’s time Maria found some happiness in her life and she keeps telling the writers to give her and David – who is played by her friend Jack P. Shepherd – a chance at love, as they already share a spark in their scenes in Audrey’s hair salon where they work.
In an interview on ‘This Morning’, she said: “Maria makes the worse decisions, this romance has got disaster written all over it. Aidan is just a dirt bag isn’t he? She should just stay well clear of him, I’m sort of campaigning for her and David to get together. I think her and David should just crack on, loads of people want it. I get so many messages on Twitter saying Maria and David should get together, I’ve known Jack since he was 11 and I was 17, we joined together in 2000 so we have literally grown up together. It’s lovely because we’re so at ease working with each other. ‘Corrie’ has been half my life, I’m 34 now, it’s weird when you think about it like that.”
Samia’s ice skater husband Sylvain Longchambon is close friends with her co-star Shayne from their time together on soon-to-be returning talent show ‘Dancing On Ice’, and she insists he doesn’t mind her kissing his pal in the soap for viewers’ entertainment.
She said: “Shayne is my husband’s mate, it’s not weird, to be fair I’ve probably snogged most of the guys on ‘Corrie’ who are my mates!”
Samia’s spouse is French and although she is still struggling to master his native language the couple’s toddler son Yves is getting to grip with both languages and even has a French accent.
She shared: “With my name Longchambon I was saying it wrong, I was saying the ‘g’. You can’t do it without doing the French accent, you just have to be confident with it. I’ve gone for the French thing, I had a beret on and garlic round my neck, everything!
“I am learning French because Sylvain’s family don’t speak loads of English, they’re not fluent, when they’re over, or when I’m over it’s a crash course for me and I have to speak as much French as I can. Sylvain says that I’m doing well, but I’m not so sure, it’s really broken, but they get the gist of what I’m saying. My lad’s already got a really cute French accent when he speaks.”

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