Rosario Dawson’s cousin found dead

ICONINSIDER — Rosario Dawson’s cousin has been found dead in her home.
The 38-year-old actress reportedly found her cousin Vaneza Ines Vasquez unconscious in the star’s Los Angeles home last Thursday (11.05.17) when she came downstairs, and although she was quick to call paramedics, they were unable to revive Vaneza on the scene.
Vaneza was then taken to St. John’s Medical Centre in Santa Monica, where further attempts to revive her were unsuccessful and she was later pronounced dead.
According to, a toxicology report is still pending, but sources told the publication Vaneza has no history of substance abuse and preliminary tests reportedly indicate the death was likely due to natural causes.
Whilst the ‘Daredevil’ actress has yet to publicly comment on the tragic news, Vaneza’s mother – Rosario’s aunt – Lisa Centeno took to Facebook to pay tribute to her daughter.
She wrote: “Vaneza, my sweet, sweet beautiful baby–your passing has left me destroyed forever but I know you are at peace in Paradise. I love you, my alpha child.”
Meanwhile, the ‘Sin City’ star was arrested last year for “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding” after she crossed police lines at a Democracy Spring protest in Washington D.C., and was fined $50 after being processed on site.
The star admitted she and other protesters were warned “multiple times” they would be arrested if they continued to demonstrate where they were but she thinks officers were reluctant to apprehend her as they didn’t want to draw attention.
She told reporters in a clip which has appeared on YouTube: “I think there was maybe a desire to not particularly maybe have me arrested because they didn’t want that to be put out there.
“So we got up when they walked away and we sat down and we were arrested.”

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