Rihanna supports young designers with ‘clever perspective’

ICONINSIDER — Rihanna loves “seeing the mind of someone” through their fashion designs.
The 29-year-old singer is open to wearing garments created by budding designers but she has revealed she looks for specific elements in the young talent such as “originality”, creativity, perspective and an insight into their thought process, which is reflected onto their creations, before she supports them and dons their clothes.
Speaking to Elle.com, the brunette beauty said: “I look for originality. I look for a creative, clever perspective. I love that. I love just seeing the mind of someone reflected onto a piece of clothing. It says a lot about what’s going on in their minds.”
Designer Pyer Moss’s Kerby Jean-Raymond has claimed there is “no other celebrity” who is willing to take as many risks with her joint ventures or style like Rihanna, and he has praised her for taking the chance to wear his camouflage leather jacket with confidence because it helped to launch his career.
He said: “There is no other celebrity, actress, or singer like her who is willing to take risks. She wears things right off the runway. She just takes a lot of risks and is confident in it.”
The ‘Work’ hitmaker also joined forces with the talented creative mastermind Matthew Adams Dolan on her Fenty x Puma collections, and has adorned his garments as well, and Matthew has hinted he is grateful for Rihanna’s backing because the partnership propelled his future in the fashion business.
Speaking about his collaboration with the Bajan star, he said: “It was definitely surreal. It happened at a time when I had just finished almost ten years of college, was working as a cashier and applying for every design job I could find.
“At the time I had not even considered starting my own business at all, so it definitely played a huge part in making that decision. I am so grateful for all of the encouragement and advice from all parties involved, which ultimately led to taking that leap.”

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