Queen Elizabeth’s guardsman shouts at tourist

ICONINSIDER — Queen Elizabeth’s guardsman shouted at a tourist who got a little too close while taking a photograph outside Windsor Castle.
The sightseer was given a shock when one of the monarch’s members of staff barked “stay away” at him as he posed for a shot behind the barriers in Berkshire.
The stunned tourist immediately spun on the spot to offer him a nervous salute.
The embarrassing moment was caught on camera as four guards paraded through the grounds of the castle in front of a whole group of excitable tourists.
However, as the last group of guards enter the grounds, a man got a little too close while the gates were being closed and the royal member of staff screeched at him.
Meanwhile, security when it comes to the queen is always on high alert, so much so that the 90-year-old monarch was once almost shot by her own bodyguard.
The royal was mistaken for an intruder attempting to break into London’s Buckingham Palace and was almost attacked by her own security when she decided to talk a stroll around her grounds in the early hours one morning when she couldn’t sleep.
It’s thought when the monarch’s silhouette was spotted in the shadows a guard shouted out into the darkness, and braced himself to his weapon against her.
When the royal made herself known, she then joked with the guard she will give a warning before she decides to go walkabouts again.
According to the guard, Her Majesty said: “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

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