Queen Elizabeth to move to Windsor Castle?

ICONINSIDER — Queen Elizabeth is set to move into Windsor Castle later this year.
The 91-year-old monarch will need to leave Buckingham Palace in London soon so that it can undergo an extensive refurbishment, which will see 30-year-old boilers replaced with an up-to-date heating system, and she’s hoping she’ll be allowed to set up home at the royal residence in Berkshire while the work is being carried out.
A royal butler told the Daily Star newspaper: “What is in the pipeline is Buckingham Palace has got to get a refurb. I think what we will do is use that – not as an excuse – but a reason for the Queen to move to Windsor. It will be after her summer break at Balmoral Estate (end of July) – when she comes back in October – that’s when it could happen. That’s if does happen this year though. If it does it will be then.”
However, even if the move does go ahead, the butler is adamant that it won’t be the last time the queen and her husband Prince Philip will stay in Buckingham Palace.
He explained: “We will still use Buckingham for the state visits, diplomatic reception and any other ceremonial events. But otherwise she will be at Windsor – that is the plan. She is usually there [Windsor Castle] on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and she is back in London on Monday through to Wednesday. Five years ago she would leave Buckingham for Windsor on Fridays, but now it’s Thursdays.”
The news that the monarch wants to move to Berkshire comes just weeks after it was announced her husband Philip, 95, was retiring from his royal duties.
However, Philip – who was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark – is still allowed to attend “certain public events from time to time” in the autumn if he chooses to.
The statement read: “Although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time.”

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