Priyanka Chopra gets ‘shy’ on the beach

ICONINSIDER — Priyanka Chopra gets “shy” on the beach.
The 34-year-old actress might be slipping into a swimsuit for her role as the evil Victoria Leeds in the upcoming action comedy movie ‘Baywatch’ – which is based on the popular television series of the same name – but Priyanka has said she isn’t a fan of the coastal life as she often feels self-conscious in a bikini.
She said: “The last time I felt sexy in a bathing suit was when I saw myself in the mirror before I went to the beach. When I went to the beach, then it’s a different story — I get a little shy!”
But the ‘Quantico’ star admits that the right atmosphere can help her overcome her fear, as she said stepping out onto the beach in Miami recently was a “good feeling”.
She added to People magazine: “The water was balmy, the sun was hitting me just right, and the wind was in my hair and I had a bellini in my hand and a bikini on my body. It was a good feeling.”
Meanwhile, Priyanka’s co-star Kelly Rohrbach – who will portray CJ Parker, a role first made famous by Pamela Anderson in the TV series – has praised the famous red swimsuits because their tight material meant she could eat fatty foods without it showing on camera.
Talking about the ‘Baywatch’ swimsuits, the blonde beauty said: “It’s scuba material, which is awesome because it’s literally like wearing Spanx that suck you right in. I was like, cheeseburgers, no problem. Just zip that thing up and it’s like it never happened.”
And Kelly also said the cast – which also includes Zac Efron, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Alexandra Daddario – “cheated” to get into shape for their roles, as they all had the help of a personal trainer.
She said: “I cheated. We all cheated because we had trainers. We had trainers while we were filming and trainers before we were filming, which was great, because you don’t have to think – you just do as you’re told.
“I did a lot of running. I ran the beach in LA four or five times a week – sprint sets and stuff. I like to box so I did a lot of that with my trainer. Then I did weights. I would start working out so early in the morning I’d be half asleep.
“By the time I got back into my car, I didn’t remember what we just did. You sort of want to black it out, working that hard.”

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