Poppy Delevingne says her sister Cara has ‘something special’

ICONINSIDER — Poppy Delevingne always knew her sister Cara was going to be “something special”.
The 31-year-old beauty insists she isn’t remotely jealous of Cara’s success as a model and an actress, and has always thought her younger sibling was destined for super-stardom.
Poppy shared: “I am not jealous of her, unfortunately for you. I always knew she was going to be something special, since she was a child.
“She knew the words to every song, the routine to every dance. She was a little actress, we’d bring her out to do a performance after lunch and she was just the apple of all of our eyes.”
Poppy and Cara’s mother Pandora dealt with an addiction to heroin during their childhood, but the older sibling has insisted she has broadly positive memories of her upbringing.
She told the Evening Standard Magazine: “We did really have a happy childhood.
“If anything it made me understand things like depression or addiction better. That’s the only thing I took away from it: a deeper understanding that those things are diseases.”
And despite previously being at the centre of London’s social scene, Poppy has admitted the idea of going to a nightclub fills her with “dread” these days.
She said: “I will always love the pub – I am a pints girl – but strapping on eight-inch heels and going to a nightclub fills me with dread.”
Meanwhile, Cara recently heaped praise on her ‘Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets’ co-star Rihanna, saying she has a rare ability to wow an audience.
Cara, 24, believes the ‘Work’ hitmaker was always destined to be in front of the camera because she is “mesmerising on set”.
She explained: “Rihanna is as mesmerising on set as she is on stage. She was born to act.
“There’s a rare group of people that just have it, and she has it. What she does is astonishing.”

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