Peter Andre won’t go topless

ICONINSIDER — Peter Andre won’t take his shirt off on stage any more.
The 44-year-old singer used to be known for flashing his rippling abs but he insists his torso is no longer as toned as it was when he began his career over two decades ago, so will be keeping covered up when he tours Australia later this year.
He told News Corp: “The last thing I’d want to do now is take my shirt off.
“The nineties — they were the days. My videos were actually banned in a lot of countries because of the toplessness.”
However, the ‘Flava’ singer – who has son Junior, 11, and daughter Princess, nine, with ex-wife Katie Price, and Amelia, three, and Theo, six months, with spouse Emily – insists he still works out and takes care of himself.
He added: “I still work out, I train, I keep trim, but the six-pack will never be like it was in my 20s.
“I’m not sure I could put that much effort in. I do exercise a lot. I keep active. For 44, I’m OK.”
Peter previously admitted he sometimes exercises in the nude.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker – who caused a frenzy earlier this year after he posted a bare-chested snap of himself on Instagram – said that although he typically trains wearing traditional gym gear, he occasionally works out while completely naked.
He shared: “I posted what some took to be a naked pic from the gym. I do wear clothes in the gym, I promise! Well, maybe not always.”
Peter also opened up on his grooming habits.
He said: “I agree with grooming yourself to a point but, how do I put this … Rather than go the whole hog down under, just look after yourself. You know, like what you do to your hedges in the garden.”

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