Pete Wicks isn’t ready to date after Megan McKenna split

ICONINSIDER — Pete Wicks doesn’t want to date anyone else at the moment.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star split up with his co-star Megan McKenna a few months ago and has admitted he is not ready to mingle with other women just yet and he says the brunette beauty feels the same way.
Asked if he has been dating, the 28-year-old star said: “No. Me and Megan haven’t been together now for a couple of months, but it still feels fresh.
“I have absolutely no interest in seeing other people and Megan feels the same as far as I’m aware.”
And the heavily-tattooed hunk has no plans to try out using dating apps anytime soon as he would be worried potential girlfriends might think he looks different in real life than in his profile picture.
Asked if he’d ever use Tinder, he told Star magazine: “Absolutely no way! Imagine if someone saw your picture, liked you and then met up with you and thought, ‘Whoa, you’re a lot shorter than I thought!'”
Pete was then quizzed on whether the pair would get back together in the future, and he dogged the question.
The model insists they are better being apart and being on good terms.
He said: “Megan and I didn’t split up because we didn’t care about each other – it just wasn’t working at the time. It wasn’t the most straight-forward relationship, it was really up and down and it took an emotional toll on both of us. It’s the right thing that we’re broken up right now.”
Pete and Megan, 24, began dating at the beginning of last year but their relationship hit the rocks in the summer when it emerged that the hunk had cheated on her.
Since then, their romance has been comprised of tears, tantrums, make ups and break ups.

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