Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna split again

ICONINSIDER — Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna have split up – again.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star briefly reconciled with the brunette beauty following a series of blazing rows over the past few months, but the pair have now decided to go their separate ways for good after the pressure of the ITVBe show tore them apart.
Speaking to The Sun Online, the heavily-inked hunk said: “We didn’t split up because we didn’t care about each other, let’s have that right but no, we’re not together now. We’re friends and we are civil but we have split up. I’m not seeing other people and as far as I’m aware Megan’s not. It’s not in my head space.
“I’m concentrating on myself and I’m not in the mind frame to be thinking about any of that kind of stuff – which sounds like a cop out but it’s not.”
The 28-year-old heartthrob will now have a few months off filming while the show takes its normal break but he’s adamant he’ll be back and refreshed in the summer.
He explained: “I didn’t watch any of the last series. Not one episode. It wasn’t a good series for me. Worst ever. The break came at the right time. There was a lot of arguing and lots of people were falling out, people were getting the hump and doing things that weren’t necessarily right. We’ve got a big break now and the break has come at the right time for me. The idea is to come back fresh. I’ve got a couple of months to do what I want to do and concentrate on myself.”
Pete and Megan, 24, began dated at the beginning of last year but their relationship hit the rocks in the summer when it emerged that the hunk had cheated on her.
Since then, their romance has been comprised of tears, tantrums, make ups and break ups.

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