Niall Horan’s parents were banned from visiting his LA home

ICONINSIDER — Niall Horan wouldn’t let his parents come to Los Angeles until he’d finished renovating his house.
The former One Direction singer – who hails from Ireland – has admitted he often misses his family whilst he’s promoting his solo music and spending his time living in California, but says the “perfectionist” side of him wouldn’t let his parents visit him until the work on his LA home was complete.
When asked what role is parents play in his life now, Niall said: “Obviously I don’t get to see them a lot, and I’m away a lot. I’ve got a house here [in LA] and I was doing it up, and I don’t want them to come and see it until it’s finished. It was like, a whole refurb thing that I was doing.”
And when asked why keeping his parents away from his unfinished home was a “big deal”, the ‘Slow Hands’ singer added: “It’s a perfectionist thing. Until it’s perfect I don’t want anyone coming near it. So they can come over now, that’s your invite. And when I go back I’ll try and get to Ireland and stuff like that.”
The 23-year-old singer also revealed he has put the finishing touches on his debut solo album, and whilst he has no firm release date as of yet, he believes it should be on shelves later in the year, and “definitely before Christmas”.
Meanwhile, the ‘This Town’ hitmaker – who was known in One Direction for his platinum blonde hair – recently decided to leave his bleached tresses behind and return to his natural brown colour, and has said he doesn’t think he’ll ever bring back his dyed locks.
Speaking on 102.5 FM’s ‘The Zach Sang And The Gang Show’, he said when asked if his blonde hair would ever make a comeback: “I keep getting asked that. I feel like that’s the general consensus that I should. I do miss the blonde, but I think I just got bored of every month having to go and sit there for like three hours, it was just a pain. Might as well just leave it the way it is.”

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