Niall Horan recording with Shania Twain

ICONINSIDER — Niall Horan has been recording music with Shania Twain.
The former One Direction star is determined to take his music down the country route and, in order to ensure it’s a success, he has enlisted the help of 51-year-old singer.
Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: “I have spent a bit of time with Shania in the studio. The guy who produced her album, ‘Jacquire King’, is doing a lot of my album, so I spent a lot of time with her, and she’s great.
“I am learning about it and I think it’s really cool. The whole country singing in the States is really cool. I know these guys and I am learning about their ways.
“I grew up on the likes of The Eagles and my mum had Garth Brooks and Shania in the house all the time and in the car when I was growing up.
“Country is the heart of the kind of music that I like. When you hear my album you will hear flavours of folk and country and stuff like that.”
And, although he’s currently focusing on his solo career, the 23-year-old singer is hopeful that the band – who are currently on an extended hiatus while they work on their own stuff – will come back together at some point to pen another album.
He said: “It’s been a year and a bit already. We don’t want to put a time on it. But when that phone call does come, no matter whoever it comes from, we’re back again. At the minute it’s exactly where it was six months ago – we’re doing our own thing.
“You know I’m going to probably end up touring [with his solo music], Harry will probably end up doing the same, probably Liam probably Louis, that’s a year – time adds up.”

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