Morrissey blasts Judge Judy

ICONINSIDER — Morrissey wanted to “ram Judge Judy’s face into her own spaghetti” when they had dinner together.
The controversial singer was seated next to the fiery TV personality at a dinner in the US and was furious because she did not stop talking for three hours.
He told the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine: “I once sat on the next table to Judge Judy, and for three solid hours she would not stop talking.
“The woman sitting with her contributed one or two ‘umms’, but Judge Rude-y could not shut up. I was ready to ram her face into her own spaghetti.”
When asked about what skill he believes everyone should have, Morrissey replied: “The ability to listen. Judge Judy does not have this… which is why she’s a judge.”
Judge Judy is not the only famous face to feel Morrissey’s ire and he previously slammed Britain’s Queen Elizabeth while praising the late singer Prince.
Writing on his website after Prince died, he said: “Prince, who made something of his life as opposed to having fortune handed to him, is far more ‘royal’ than Elizabeth 2, and he will be mourned far more than she, for she could never make herself loveable.
“Prince is the royal that people love, whereas Elizabeth 2 was thrust on the people who have never been asked whether or not they want her. (sic)”

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