Miley Cyrus ate dinner while covered in pig poo

ICONINSIDER — Miley Cyrus once had dinner with her mother while covered in pig poo.
The 24-year-old singer has revealed she gives spa treatments to her two pet pigs, and her eagerness to satisfy her animals has even led her to attend a dinner date with her mother covered in animal excrement.
Recalling the embarrassing incident, she told Fresh 102.7: “I fell the other day in pig poop … and I went to dinner with my mom right after and then told her the story as we were sitting at dinner.”
But Miley said the paparazzi were oblivious to her predicament.
She explained: “When they’re like, ‘Miley in her bow at Nobu…’ and then it’s like, ‘Okay, yeah that’s pig poop on my leg.’ No one actually gets the real drama.”
Miley also insisted there’s nothing unusual about how she cares for her pets.
She shared: “That’s not weird in Malibu. I give the pig spa treatments and then I just, like, don’t change.”
Meanwhile, Miley recently admitted to having more energy ever since she gave up using drugs.
The ‘Malibu’ hitmaker – who revealed she’s quit using narcotics in an interview published earlier this month – said it’s “weird” how much her life has already changed since she’s been clean of marijuana for “nine or 10 weeks”.
Miley reflected: “At [the time of the interview] it was like three weeks, now it’s like nine weeks or 10 weeks or something. Everyone always hits me up. A lot of people have reached out to me and [asked if I want help]. And I’m like, ‘No, when I want something, I can do it.’ Anything that I want to do, if I want to stop or start something, I can do anything. I just decided not to anymore and now it’s easy for me.
“It’s very weird. I’ve got a lot of energy. I’m a very obsessive person, which I need to work on, but also it helps in my position to be a little obsessive because then I can really get things done and make sure it’s perfect.”

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