Megan McKenna set to launch her music career

ICONINSIDER — Megan McKenna is to launch her music career on her own ITVBe series.
The 24-year-old TV star – who is best known for her appearances on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ – is set to appear in her own programme that will chart her efforts to become a singer.
A source said: “Megan has an incredible voice and singing is her greatest love.
“It’s what she spends her downtime doing away from the cameras and to make it her main career is a dream come true.”
The series will see the brunette beauty jet off to Nashville in America to record her own album.
The source told The Sun newspaper: “She’s been a long-time fan of Dolly Parton and loves that kind of country folk music so it makes sense to go to Nashville to lay down tracks with some of the best in that business to give her the biggest chance of success.”
Megan previously tried to crack the music industry back in 2009, when she reached the semi-finals of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, when she performed alongside her friend Demi Bennett.
Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this month that Megan has hired a security team after she was allegedly stalked by a man who claimed to be her boyfriend.
Megan admitted she is riddled with nerves when she attends personal appearances after a “weird” stranger kept following her around shortly after she left ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.
She previously said: “One time I was in club and someone came up to me and said,’Your friend is outside’ and I thought, ‘Who is that?’ and this person had been trying to get in and it was third time that he turned up in two weeks.
“He kept telling everyone that I was his girlfriend and that’s when we got the police involved. The crazy thing was that I had never met the guy in my entire life. It has made me a bit more nervous and stressed when I see men hanging about near me.”

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