Lucie Jones to wed Ethan Boroian this year

ICONINSIDER — Lucie Jones is set to tie the knot in August this year.
The 26-year-old singer is due to represent the UK at the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ on Saturday (13.05.17), but the annual pop extravaganza won’t be the only big event on her calendar as she has finally set a date for her wedding to fiancé Ethan Boroian, after having gotten engaged almost two years ago.
Speaking about her relationship with Ethan – whom she met during her appearance on ‘The X Factor’ in 2009 – Lucie said: “Well, we’re getting married this year! We’ve been engaged for quite a while (since November 2015) so when we first got engaged I was quite free time wise so I decided to start planning the wedding right away, so if I do get bust then I don’t have to panic about things. Which is definitely the right thing to do because now I am crazy busy everything is done – it’s all planned and booked.
“I just can’t wait for it, I’m getting married in late August this year and it’s just going to be so awesome. I know it sound cheesy but it will be amazing for me to have all my friends and family in one place together, especially having such a crazy year and not having the time to properly see everyone and be part of things it will just be so nice to have everyone in one room all together. We’ve got friends and family coming from all over the world. We’re not going on a honeymoon until next January though.”
And Lucie has promised her wedding guests will be in for some “surprises”, as the ceremony will be a mix of traditional wedding elements, with the couple’s own personal twist.
She added: “My wedding will be a mix really, some things are very traditional and some things aren’t, we’ve really tailor made our wedding to what we wanted and what we fancied doing. That’s really important to us because we didn’t want a cookie-cutter wedding, like this is what people do so we’ll do that. We made some out there decisions.
“We’ve had to call our venue and ask, ‘Can we do this?’ And they’ll say, ‘No one has ever asked this before.’ And we’re just like, ‘Yes, that’s what we want!’ I just want it to be a really fun day that’s just full of surprises, and not know what’s going to happen next.”
Lucie admits she doesn’t know where she’s headed on her hen do yet as her maid of honour is keeping it a secret, but says she has “high expectations” based on what other friends have told her.
Speaking exclusively to 888sport, Lucie said: “I actually don’t know where my hen do is, my maid of honour is being very cloak and dagger about it, so far it’s all very secretive but all my friends who are coming keep texting me to tell me that she’s doing an amazing job and that I’m going to love it. I have high expectations now so it can’t be crap! There’s loads of pressure.”
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