Lucie Jones slammed by former Eurovision winner

ICONINSIDER — Katrina Leskanich has slammed ‘Eurovision’ star Lucie Jones.
While Katrina won the competition for the UK in 1997, with Katrina and The Waves’ song ‘Love Shine A Light’ but admitted she does not have high hopes for former ‘X Factor’ star Lucie, who is representing the UK this year.
She told the Daily Star: “A bunch of X Factor rejects? That just says it all. How horrible is that?
“Isn’t it just a colossal waste of money not to take it a bit more seriously, and try a little harder?
“We kept choosing such terrible representatives that you just knew from the get-go they weren’t going to win.”
Katrina is acting as the UK’s Eurovision spokesperson this year but after her comments were made public, another spokesperson insisted she will be supporting Lucy.
The representative said: “She ardently supports the work that the BBC does for Eurovision and believes that Lucie Jones is an outstanding Eurovision entry for the UK this year.”
Meanwhile, Lucie recently quipped that she would perform her track ‘Never Give Up On You’ in her underwear if she thought it would help her to win.
She said: “I might just wear pants on the night! Maybe that and a bit of body paint. I might get extra votes. You never know?”

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