Lorde: I’d have a hernia if I was Drake

ICONINSIDER — Lorde has joked that she would have a “hernia” if she was Drake.
The ‘Royals’ hitmaker is gearing up to release her new album ‘Melodrama’ next month and has admitted she is quite happy with people being into her music and not being someone who is ahead of their time that pushes culture like the ‘One Dace’ rapper.
She said: “Obviously I would want people to like the music, but in terms of being like Drake, how he’s always pushing the culture forward musically? I know what my strengths are, and I think that would have given me a hernia or something.”
The brunette beauty was 16 when she made her first album ‘Pure Heroine’ in 2013, and she says this record is her being “sexy” and a young woman now.
She told Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s like, ‘Oh, s**t, I can’t be kind of sexy if I want to for a second? Everything I do has to be, like, ‘library girl’?”
“That [first album] felt like a kid. This feels like a young woman. I can hear the difference.”
However, the ‘Green Light’ singer – who wrote about her split from long-term boyfriend James Lowe earlier this year on the record – admits even in her 20s she doesn’t feel she is able to write about breakups in a “full way”.
She said: “I don’t think you can sing about love or about breakups in such a sort of full way at 20.”
Lorde previously said music entered a new level after her “heart was broken”.
She said: “After your heart is broken, music enters you on a new level. You suddenly find yourself crying when [Alicia Keys’] ‘Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart’ comes on.”
However, Lorde – whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor – insisted ‘Melodrama’ isn’t a “breakup album”.
She added: “[It’s not a] breakup album; it’s a record about being alone. The good parts and the bad parts.”

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