Liam Payne wants baby Bear’s heartbeat on a song

ICONINSIDER — Liam Payne has turned his baby son Bear’s heartbeat into a drum beat.
The 23-year-old singer and his girlfriend Cheryl recorded the tot’s heartbeat when he was still in the womb and he did it with the intention to put it in one of his future songs, but Liam is yet to find the right one.
Speaking to Alex and Andrea on KISS FM, he revealed: “I discussed this with myself and before the baby was born we recorded the baby’s heartbeat and I made it in to like a drum beat, which is super cool. We haven’t really fit it with any song yet but, I mean, there’s a chance of it.”
The One Direction star has also revealed that Cheryl, 33, has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and is currently doing everything for their little one, who was born in March, to prepare for when he goes on tour.
He said: “At this stage as a dad, you’re in a bit of a whirlwind. I’ll be honest with you, she’s doing it all herself at the moment because she wants to know what it feels like when I’m not there. She knows that I’m going on tour, so obviously she’s got a lot to deal with, which is hard. I thought that I’d get the call saying, ‘We need a nanny for this, but no, she’s doing everything.’ She’s really pushing herself with it, bless her.”
That includes night feeds, which Liam admits he’s not the best at.
He explained: “We did a rota over the night feeds, and then she was like, I want to do them because she used to wake up anyway. She said there’s no point in us both being tired and there’s gonna be points in the day when I need you to be on it, so I need you awake.
“As a man, night feeds are kind of pointless at times, because, you as a woman you’re so connected to a baby, it’s something that a man just does not have. You have that super power as a woman, where you are, you know, your heartbeats are in even in sync.”

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