Liam Payne swaps parenting tips with Russell Brand

ICONINSIDER — Liam Payne swapped parenting tips with Russell Brand.
The former One Direction star recently welcomed baby Bear into the world with his partner Cheryl and has been getting tips from the 41-year-old comedian, who has six-month-old daughter Mabel with his fiancée Laura Gallacher.
He revealed: “I was on a flight with Russell Brand, who’s obviously just had a kid, we were discussing dad stuff and [we talked about how] everybody downloads one app which puts the baby to sleep. For [them], it’s the hairdryer sound and for us, it’s ocean music.”
And the 23-year-old singer admits he has had a “mad” year, having welcomed his son into the world and confessed he is “proper dadding out all the time” now.
Asked what is the maddest thing that has happened to him since the band went on hiatus, he added: I had a baby … that was a pretty mad part of the year … I’m proper dadding out all the time.”
Liam and Cheryl first met on ‘The X Factor’ when she was a judge and he was auditioning for a place on the show at the age of 14. However, the ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ hitmaker doesn’t like to talk about that time and gets “really offended” when people say Liam is 12.
Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he said: “She doesn’t like to talk about that … [Cheryl’s] going to be really offended that you called me 12 by the way.”
Meanwhile, Liam recently insisted marriage isn’t “on the cards” for him and Cheryl at the moment.
He said: “I see marriage as more of a religious thing and I’m not really a religious person, so I know it’s not really on the cards for me at the moment.
“So no not yet. We have a baby together – you know our love for each other can’t be more serious so it is what it is I guess.”

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