Liam Gallagher mocks Noel’s cocaine themed party

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher has mocked his brother Noel Gallagher for broadcasting he’s having a cocaine themed 50th birthday party as he’s risking having the bash busted by police.
The 44-year-old musician recently hit out at his brother – with whom he is embroiled in an ongoing feud – for not inviting any of his family to his milestone birthday celebrations, and has now ridiculed the idea of the party as its risky theme is “asking” to be shut down by law enforcement.
Taking to Twitter on Friday (19.05.17), the former Oasis singer said: “Who the f**k in there rite mind broadcasts there having a cocaine themed party that’s asking for a tug anyways as you were LG x (sic)”
Liam first tweeted about the party on Thursday (18.05.17) when he claimed his brother Noel – who was also a member of Oasis – hadn’t even invited his “own mother” to his party, after seeing invites, which is themed around the Netflix series ‘Narcos’, shared on Instagram by Noel’s wife Sara McDonald.
He wrote on Twitter at the time: “Re potatoes 50th he’s not invited none of his family not even his own mother says a lot about the man and his part planner pair of w***ers (sic)”
Meanwhile, one fan then responded to the star – who is set to appear at various festivals around Europe including UK’s Reading and Leeds festival – to blast him for not releasing any of his solo material prior to taking to the stage next month.
The fan wrote: “who the f**k in their right mind starts a tour in two weeks and doesn’t release a single song as you were TSx (sic)”
To which Liam then replied: “I do ya nervous or summat if you don’t believe you won’t receive as you were ya big scardy cat (sic)”
Whilst the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker – who was formerly a member of Beady Eye following Oasis’ split in 2009 – hasn’t released any solo music yet, he recently claimed his material was similar to that of the Sex Pistols.
He tweeted recently: “Just finished rehearsals ain’t no band on this planet sounding more pistols than than us as you were LG x (sic)”

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