LeAnn Rimes works hard for tight butt

ICONINSIDER — LeAnn Rimes works “pretty hard” to get a tight butt.
The 34-year-old singer has started a series of weekly videos on Instagram dubbed ‘Tight Tush Tuesday’ in which she posts footage of herself nailing different exercises designed to strengthen her glutes, and has said she likes to work extra hard to make sure her bum is as tight as it can be.
She said: “I do like my butt. I did something on Instagram called Tight Tush Tuesday and everybody kind of freaked out about it, so it’s become a thing. I work pretty hard on my butt.”
And the ‘How Do I Live’ hitmaker – who is married to Eddie Cibrian – has admitted it helps having a husband who is “on the same page” as her when it comes to keeping healthy.
Speaking about Eddie, LeAnn said: “[We’re] on the same page. He likes to be a boy when he works out and make noises and grunt and stuff. I’m like, ‘I can’t even deal with you right now.’ When I first met him, he was not the healthiest eater at all. But I think I’ve gotten him over on my team.”
The ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ singer admits she’s not always totally healthy though, as she often indulges in “goat cheese” despite knowing the dairy product can create more phlegm in the body and so is considered a bad choice of food for singers.
She said: “I love cheese a lot and it’s horrible for a singer. So when I’m on the road, I don’t do it, but when I’m home, I can eat a whole log of goat cheese.”
And it isn’t just healthy eating that LeAnn sticks to when she’s on the road, as she also makes sure she always has a jump rope with her.
She told Us Weekly magazine: “I take a jump rope with me everywhere I go. So it’s easy to do and easy to do bodyweight workouts in my dressing room.”

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