Kate Upton won’t diet before wedding

ICONINSIDER — Kate Upton has insisted she won’t be going on diet before her wedding.
The 24-year-old model is busy planning her wedding to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander – who proposed to her in a year ago – and has said she won’t be getting “on a scale” prior to her big day because she doesn’t care how much she weighs.
She said: “I never get on a scale because you can’t judge yourself for how much you weigh. What really matters is how good I feel.”
Despite not being concerned about her body weight, the three-time Sports Illustrated swimwear model has been hard at work with her personal trainer Ben Bruno, who helps her boost her fitness and confidence in her work outs.
She said of her partnership with Ben: “Ben is an amazing trainer. He really keeps you moving forward and staying competitive with yourself to try to have the best workout that you personally have ever had to make you feel and look your best.
“I reached a place in my career where I didn’t think of my body as something that I wanted to fit into a certain size; I started looking at my body as a function to help me live my life the best I can — to have energy and to feel strong.”
And because of her work outs, Kate says she’s noticed “changes” in her body, including an increase in energy.
She told People magazine: “I’ve noticed my body changing in the fact that I have more energy, I feel stronger, I’m able to recover faster, whether it’s from jetlag or from a hard workout. Things like that help you enjoy your life more and have the best use of function from your body.”
Meanwhile, the blonde beauty previously said she intends to add a “flair of sexuality” to her wedding dress, as she isn’t worried about showing some skin in front of her family.
She said: “I like it all, so maybe [I’ll have] multiple dresses. Maybe a nice long sleeve, and then also the big tulle one. I think that I always like to add a little flair of sexuality to any outfit I’m wearing.
“My grandparents get ‘Sports Illustrated’ … they’ve seen it.”

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