Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck back together

ICONINSIDER — Kate Moss has rekindled her relationship with Nikolai von Bismarck.
The 43-year-old model and the aristocrat parted ways in October last year after Kate reportedly grew tired of Nikolai’s party lifestyle, but after spending a lengthy stint in a rehabilitation facility in the US, the photographer has succeeded in winning her back.
Kate and Nikolai were reportedly spotted on a romantic vacation in Rio, Brazil, at the luxury Fasano hotel, where rooms can cost up to £2,000 per night.
An onlooker told The Sun on Sunday newspaper of the pair: “They looked very loved up and Nikolai looked very healthy.”
Previously, it was reported that Kate and her 30-year-old lover had engaged in a series of “volcanic rows”, and insiders claimed she grew increasingly frustrated with his “wild” behaviour.
A source said: “Nik refused to curb his wild lifestyle.
“Everyone knows that Kate loves to party, but Nik struggled to keep up without going overboard.”
Nikolai’s strained relationship with the British beauty’s 14-year-old daughter Lila – who she has with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack – was also a factor in the split, with the pair regularly clashing and the aristocrat even turning off the Wi-Fi to annoy the teenager.
The source said: “Kate joked it was like having two kids, but obviously Lila is her priority.”
It was previously claimed Lila had grown increasingly unhappy with Nikolai’s presence in their house, prompting Kate to have second thoughts about her relationship.
A source said: “Nikolai and Lila used to argue sometimes and it was always over petty stuff. He once switched the Wi-Fi off to annoy Lila after an argument so she couldn’t use her phone and go on Snapchat and Instagram. Towards the end Lila did not approve of Nikolai and did not really like it when he was around.
“[Lila] is the most important person in Kate’s life and Kate picked up on that. She has told her friends that she was aware that Nikolai was having an adverse effect on her relationship with her daughter and that was a massive factor in her decision to end it.”

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