Karlie Kloss wishes she could sing

ICONINSIDER — Karlie Kloss would give “anything” to be able to sing.
The 24-year-old model landed her first job in the fashion industry in 2006 aged 14, and she has graced the runway for luxury fashion houses including Victoria’s Secret, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, but she has admitted if there was one skill she could have it would be to be able to hold a note or to fly.
Speaking to Stylist magazine about the talents she wished she had, the blonde-haired beauty said: “I would give anything to be able to sing. Or Fly. Both are equally impossible for me.”
The catwalk icon has revealed she feels “very uncomfortable” when she is complemented, and will often try to “dodge” any pleasantries that come her way.
She explained: “It makes me very uncomfortable. I get awkward and dodge the compliment.”
And the Chicago-born star has admitted she also struggles being patient because she is “constantly on the go”.
When asked what the hardest learns he has had to learn was, she said: “Patience. I am somebody who likes to be constantly on the go, moving ahead and getting things done. But slowing down and being more present, conscious and thoughtful can actually be more productive.”
However, the fashion muse can’t slow down her hectic lifestyle because she is desperate to live “every day to the fullest” and she believes there is more for her to learn.
When asked what she wants to know before she dies, the Kode With Klossy entrepreneur said: “That I’ve lived every day to the fullest. There’s so much I want to learn – I hope that I’m still leaning even on my last day.
“I’m scared of dying before I really get to build the legacy and family that I want.”

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