Kaia Gerber believes her and her mother are ‘alike’

ICONINSIDER — Kaia Gerber believes her and her mother Cindy Crawford are “alike”.
The 15-year-old model – who is the daughter of the 51-year-old supermodel and her husband Rande Gerber – believes her and her parent not only “look alike” but they also share the same mannerisms because they “react” to certain situations in the same way.
Speaking to ET Online, the brunette beauty said: “It’s not even just the way that we look alike.
“We have the same mannerisms … just like, the way we react to certain situations is the same – and I think that’s where it really shines through how much alike we are.”
And the style icon – who is the face of Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance – has revealed she doesn’t consider Cindy to be an iconic celebrity but a normal mother who is the “least diva” and simply an “easy-going person”.
She explained: “People would be like, ‘How is it that Cindy Crawford is your mom?’ And I’m like, ‘No, that’s my mom! That’s not Cindy Crawford!'”
“She’s my mom and I think people would be surprised to see she’s the least diva, just like, [most] easy-going person I know.”
And Cindy – who also has 17-year-old son Presley – has revealed she tried to drill into her children to be true to herself and be happy in your own skin.
Speaking about the advice she has passed on to her brood, Cindy said: “I think the best thing that I tried to pass on to [Kaia] is to just be true to yourself and to feel like you’re good enough just the way you are.
“And then, anything else that you want to do, just listen to that voice inside.”

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