Javier Bardem: Actors should have therapy

ICONINSIDER — Javier Bardem thinks all actors should go to therapy.
The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ star believes it is important for his fellow actors to attend therapy as he feels it encourages people not to “use their work as something to put their s**t in”.
He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: “If it’s always about you, you, you, then you need to go to a therapist, not a movie set …
“I do therapy, and I think every actor should. Because then you don’t use your work as something to put your s**t in. Those characters don’t need it. What they need is for you to be generous enough to go to their s**t, in the imaginary realm. Otherwise, it becomes just you, constantly doing the same character on and on.”
Meanwhile, the 48-year-old actor previously praised his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ co-star Johnny Depp for being “a joy to work with”.
He explained: “He’s playing this character he knows so well that sometimes, the difficult part is to not be a spectator.
“Sometimes I was shooting with him and I was watching how he became Sparrow and it was a delight. And then it’s like, ‘S**t! I have to say my line.'”
Javier’s wife Penelope Cruz starred opposite the Hollywood icon in the fourth ‘Pirates’ instalment, and she offered her husband some advice about working with Johnny.
He added: “[Her] advice for working with Johnny is very simple, it’s ‘have fun. When I was on the ‘Pirates’ set, while Penelope was shooting, I realised how amazing the team was [that] Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney put together to make this kind of movie. I knew from the very beginning it was going to be an easy and exciting process.”

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